What we do

The South Denmark European Office assists public institutions, NGOs, and private sector enterprises with international co-operation as well as research and development projects within the European Union.

With us you will immediately be introduced to the right contacts and processes that can aid in the development your project. You will get insights, become part of a strong network and benefit from direct access to key decision makers.

Our service is offered to the entire region but we also value and prioritiese the specific needs and interests of individual users.

From our office in Brussels we have gained years of experience operating in the international market for project development and co-operation. Being located in the Capital of Europe means that we are exactly where it all happens, where the decisions are made. We have 11 ambitious and interested expert consultants ready to assist and guide you to the European Union.

Development of EU-projects

The South Denmark European Office can guide you through each phase of an EU-project. We are able to offer support throughout the entire development-phase or we can step in on a single phase according to your needs. In this way we offer the region’s stakeholders a case management process which can contain any number of the following stages:

Dissemination of information and opportunities

  • Provide information about the newest EU-policy actions and tendencies as well as information about relevant European networks so that the stakeholders of the region can expand their contact portfolio with European partners.
  • Present showcases as examples and illustrations of opportunities.

Project and idea development

  • Indentify funding programs, prepare analysis of opportunities with European programs and offer other support based on specific project ideas.
  • Develop and assess the relevance of project ideas.
  • Create project ideas, for example through participation in theme-specific seminars and conferences.
  • Compile specific project descriptions and suggestions.

Partner search and networking activities

  • Contribute to identifying relevant partners for projects through our well established networks in Brussels.
  • Match actors from different parts of the region who might have demand for or interest in the same kind of activity.
  • Arrange theme and networking days in the region or in Brussels concerning how to create an idea, establish contacts, make regional and European partnerships and create partner profiles for partner searching databases.

Project application

  • Assist in the preparation of project applications and budgets.
  • Follow-up by the relevant authorities.