Innovation happens in the cross field between research and practice

Niche products and public-private partnerships must drive the development of robot technology, artificial intelligence, and automation. That is the opinion of the two leading professors from the Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute at University of Southern Denmark, who present their take on the Danish and European work with robots, AI, and automation in this article.

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Robot Boom in Odense

Odense, a city in the Region of Southern Denmark, has become a growing ecosystem for more than 100 businesses in the field of automatization and robotics. ‘Robot Sport Solutions’ is one such company and after receiving free consulting from European specialists, they were able to put a golf robot on the pitch.  

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Workshop in December: Active and Healthy Ageing

DECEMBERJoin our next Upscaling Workshop about Active and Healthy Ageing. The theme of the day is Evaluation and Assessment.

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Meet and network with the companies of your choice at OGIB

Join our speed-networking and get new business opportunities on a silver plate. Participate in a number of short meetings with potential business partners within the offshore Oil and Gas industry – this November in Esbjerg, Denmark. 

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A Gate-way to innovative European regions in active and healthy ageing

We would like to invite you to the conference entitled “Innovation and Co-creation; Active and Healthy Ageing in a European perspective” taking place on 6 October 2016 in Odense, Denmark with a 20 % discount. 

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WHINN 2016: A European Reference Framework for Age-friendly Housing

The European Commission invites you to join a “Meeting of Minds” on the 5th of October. In a full day workshop different operators will have a fresh look at innovating smarter new build and retro­fit home environments, with a view to empowering an ageing population to live healthier, more meaningful, connected lives with dignity and autonomy. Participants will inform development of a European Reference Framework for age­friendly housing.

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RETAIN Project: What we’ve learned about school management and retention of teachers

Within the past two years 25 schools from four European countries have taken part in the EU project RETAIN. By using tools developed in the project, European schools have improved their working- and learning environment. Experiences and learning outcomes from the project have just been presented at a final conference in Brussels.

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A trip to Brussels lead to an EU application

Assistant professor Gloria Gomez from the University of Southern Denmark submitted in April 2015 her first application for Horizon 2020. A trip to Brussels back in 2013 was decisive for the project.

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