Meet and network with the companies of your choice at OGIB

Join our speed-networking and get new business opportunities on a silver plate.
Participate in a number of short meetings with potential business partners within the offshore Oil and Gas industry – this November in Esbjerg, Denmark. 

OGIB is an annual network event dedicated towards creating contacts to new customers, suppliers and cooperative partners within the offshore oil & gas industry. It´s an alternative to traditional trade fairs and conferences, where the right people can often be difficult to find. At OGIB, participants have the opportunity to pre-book meetings with participating companies, maximizing efficiency. Participants include companies from all levels of the supply chain.

Nurturing and expanding your network has become an essential discipline for running a successful business. Traditional network opportunities like conferences and trade fairs are far from ideal forums for this, since time is often wasted trying to locate the people you want to talk with. With OGIB we offer organized frames for short personal meetings between you and businesses you find interesting.

The philosophy behind OGIB is to bring together businesses for a first introduction meeting. Meetings last 15 minutes during which it is quite easy to determine if there might be a basis for cooperation. The event is hosted by Enterprise Europe Network, the largest network for SME’s in the world. With OGIB we offer you an alternative event which is centered around pre-planned networking. 

We acknowledge the high pace in the industry and the tight calendars of people involved. To maximize efficiency, we offer an effective event, where you over the course of one day will have the opportunity to meet and network with the exact businesses you wish in an organized and professional manner.

Why to participate

  • Showcase your most favorable products and projects
  • Meet face-to-face new partners and customers
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and cooperation
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
  • Get latest information on research findings
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects

Time, place and registration