Robot Boom in Odense

Odense, a city in the Region of Southern Denmark, has become a growing ecosystem for more than 100 businesses in the field of automatization and robotics. ‘Robot Sport Solutions’ is one such company and after receiving free consulting from European specialists, they were able to put a golf robot on the pitch.  

- We call it BallBot – a mobile robot, that can pick up golf balls at the driving range by using GPS signals, Dani Feller explains.

He is the co-founder of Robot Sport Solutions, a company that develop automated solutions for the sports industry. His first project is about helping golf practitioners on the golf course.

- BallBot is very robust and with its weight reaching almost 100 kg it is resistant to all types of weather as well as flying golf balls that are very likely to hit it doing the job on the green, Dani Feller laughs. 

He first had the idea to set up his company in Aarhus, Denmark where he lives, but last year he moved the business to Odense. He recognised a chance to evolve Robotic Sport Solutions in the inspiring hub in Odense that holds 2600 employees and scientists across businesses and research institutions.  

- We moved Robotic Sport Solution to Odense in 2016 because we were given the chance to become a part of Odense Robotics StartUp Hub, which is an amazing possibility for companies like us that want to bring ideas to market and optimize our production, Dani Feller says.

Last year Robotic Sport Solutions also had the opportunity to apply for the ROBOTT-NETT program, that offers 64 voucher for free consulting from specialists to European companies working with robot technology in industrial production – all funded by the EU.

Read more about ROBOTT-NETT

- We have spent our voucher analyzing the most important challenges that we will be facing while creating a product for the market, Dani Feller explains.

- Roughly you can say that ROBOTT-NETT has helped us create a cheaper product. And when you add the inputs we got from the Spanish partner in the projectI would say that we ended up with a very promising product ready for the market, Dani Feller says.


Odense is a career opportunity

The mix between researchers and businesses in a tight ecosystem is part of the Danish robotic boom, the cluster organization Odense Robotics explains,

- Talented companies working together with scientist from the university is part of the explanation why Odense is such a popular place for people working with robotics. We are also lucky to have a public sector who finds robot technology important, and that definitely makes life easier, Business Manager at Odense Robotics Mikkel Christoffersen explains.

Odense Robotics represent all spectres of the robot industry involving both enterprises developing robots, subcontractors, scientists and educational institutions surrounding the South Danish city of Odense.

- When students and business owners, who consider moving to Odense, visit us we always make sure to tell them that Odense does not just offer that one job or that one specific course at the university that brings you to the city at first. Odense is career. It is an opportunity for people who wish to work with robots and automatization. We have more than 100 different companies working in the field here in Odense and the hinterland employing 2600 people and also a well-respected science center formed by the University of Southern Denmark at hand, Mikkel Christoffersen explains.


The market is mature

The continued growth in the field of robot technology in Odense indicated that new business like Dani Feller’s will keep moving to Odense to work and become a part of the inspiring environment. Numbers from a research done by Odense Robotics estimate that the turnover in the industry will rise 40-50 percent towards 2019.

According to Dani Feller, this is explained by the huge potential that the industry holds.

- We keep seeing the need for automatized solutions across sectors – also within the world of different sports, which is where our focus is. The next step is for us to find investors to fund our golf robot and yet again we will make use of our network here in Odense. Once Ballbot is put into market our next goal will be to create a robot that can cut the grass at the driving range, he says.


About Odense Robotics

  • More than 100 different businesses and an estimate of 2600 people are employed within the field of robot technology and automatization in and around Odense
  • More than 10 actors within science and development (GTS-Institutes) 
  • 40 different courses in relation to robot technology
  • Odense Robotics is a part of ‘Developing Fyn’ – the joint enterprise and tourism organization for the five municipalities of Fyn (Odense, Assens, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Svendborg and Nyborg)